Today's Specials

Chopsuey Zomsa
Stir fried veggies, chicken in homemade sauce over the crispy noodles and egg (cooked to order)
Chicken Sizzlers
Marinated chicken served with stir fried noodle and veggies on sizzling platter with homemade sauce
Fried Rice
Savory stir-fried rice with fresh vegetables, with your choice of protein Veg. $13 | Chicken $15 | Mixed $16
Chowmein (Lo Mein)
Stir-fried noodles with fresh vegetables, your choice of protein Add: Chicken $2 | Pork $3 | Mixed Veggies $3
Jhol MO:MO
Homemade Nepalese dumplings served with cold soupy sauce Veg. $12 | Chicken $13 | Pork $13 | Lamb $14
MO:MO C-Stlye
Homemade Nepalese dumplings sautéed with onions, peppers, tomato and spicy sauce Veg. $12 | Chicken $13 | Pork $14| Lamb $16
MO:MO (Steamed)
Homemade Nepalese dumplings stuffed with choice of Vegetable, Chicken, or pork Veg. $11 | Chicken $12| Pork $13 | Lamb $15
Daal Bhat Nepali Thaali
A traditional food platter with the choice of curry Veg. $18 | Chicken $20 | Sukuti $23 | Goat $22 | Fish $22
A zesty Nepali street food delight featuring puffed rice, fresh tomatoes, red onions, and cilantro, spicy blend of lemon juice and traditional spices.
Wings Day
Options: Carolina BBQ, Buffalo, Tandoori or spicy house special sauce
Fried Shrimp (Jhinge Machchha)
Breaded or battered fried shrimp served with house made slaw and fries
Fried Chicken (Tareko Kukhura)
Breaded fried chicken marinated in Himalayan spices, served with fries
Stuffed Chicken Wings (Kukhurako Pakheta)
Deep fried breaded chicken wings stuffed with ground chicken
Chilli Chicken
Fried bone in or boneless chicken sauted with onion, peppers, tomato in a homemade spicy sauce.
Crispy Calamari
Lightly breaded Calamari fried to golden perfection
Egg Rolls
Crispy rolls stuffed with fresh vegetables, and aromatic spices